Monday, January 5, 2009

~winter images~

Hunting for and finding the perfect tree to thin from an over crowded cluster

Sweetie Boy freshly awake from nap-land.
The LOVES of my life!

Getting outside for a few minutes of fresh air in the brrrrr cold (-25)

Honey in the sunshine and our Winter Wonderland

Honey getting ready for her first dance performance.

Sweetie Boy trying to walk in cute!

Our Christmas tree...all 12.5 feet of it. (it didn't look that big outside!)

Sweeite Boy and his boat...his new favorite thing.


Holly, the doll I made for Honey.

Blessed Mama


Kimberly said...

Oh that beautiful family of yours! So happy to see Holly completed by Willow's love for her. Yay!

sunmamma said...

Hello! I saw a comment you left on RaisingmyMalia's blog. I noticed immediately that you recognized a waldorf doll and followed to the link here to your blog :)

I have had two homebirths as well i adopted my fourth child from Ethiopia. I homeschool all my children!

The doll you made your daughter is great!!!! I look forward to following along your blog.

Sharla said...

cute photos!