Tuesday, December 15, 2009

~The wish Bearer visits!~

Well, I know I said only yesterday that I was feeling inward and not so much in a sharing space BUT I have to celebrate this amazing happening! This amazing women...beautiful, soulful, deep..and her hubby, who, while I don't know him I assume he must be fanatically amazing because, well, he's married to Rebecca!

THEY PASSED COURT TODAY!!!! Beautiful, sweet B is officially their daughter! I'd have to say this is the best Christmas/solstice present EVER! SO in honour of you, dear friend I post these!

♥I guess you can change a few of those lyrics now♥

Monday, December 14, 2009

♥~Happy Holidays~♥

I've reach one of those times. A time when, even though there is so much going on in my life, I seem to have nothing to write about. Maybe its because I am fully embracing this season of hibernation...going inside, hunkering down, finding inner warmth.

My mind is whirling with things I'd like to share. Pieces of me I'd like to reveal....but not now.

For now I'll say, I hope you all have a beautifully comforting holiday season. That you are able to deepen connections with you family's and warm each others hearts.

So no matter what holiday you celebrate, wishing you the very best.
xo~ Jenn

*edited to add link* this quilt was made by Kristen Miller