Friday, September 25, 2009

Melodious Moon

Tonight I sing a lullaby while looking up at the crescent moon.  A gentle lullaby of gratitude, of awe and wonder.

Rebecca, in whom I have found a soul sister....a kindred spirit, has been gifted.  The sweet package came with delicious chocolate eyes, little fists and a feminine spirit.  This sweet one came to change her life forever.  

And now there is a somehow familiar love to you always knew her but yet still so shocking... amazing and real...tangible.   You can see her.  Trace the lines of her image with your fingers.  Send her this deep and overflowing love that is big enough to cross miles...she will feel you even now, as you feel her. 

And soon, so soon, your daughter will be with cradle, to snuggle, to empower.

Congratulations Rebecca and Colin!!   

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

~This little Hamlet of Lovliness~

I'm still here!! really!

Its funny to me how we forget how HARD moving is...It must be one of those magical blessings from the universe because if we remembered would we really choose to do it again?? hmmmm...

So, to update you all, we are now residents of a beautiful, quaint village of a mere 800 or so folks. Lovely, artsy, enchanting and only a few minutes from a large town that has everything we could need right there. No more travelling 2 hours to go shopping!! yay! And the drive?? A whimsical winding road through orchards and rolling vineyards, past stunning winery's and loved homes along the beautiful with a background of mountains and rugged clay much contrast..stunning! Our home is within walking distance of the general store, cafe, library, park, beach, bmx track. My hubby bikes to work which is 5 minutes away. Bliss I tell you. Every day I am grateful that we made the choice to move back here. It has been an awesome homecoming in so many ways. Everything is echoing with "this was the right decision".

Yesterday the kids started dance and marshal arts. I went to a home learnin' mama's meeting to find out whats going on in the area and get involved. The kids are thrilled to have such a great community of many potential new friends and a few dear friends from years ago.
We are living in that odd place of boxes, laundry and busy living life to unpack the boxes. So if you are one of my dear pals from afar and you come to visit this autumn be day I'll hang the art and organize shelves, but today it is hot and glorious, the kids want to go for a swim and I am half way through Eclipse....(blush... I can't help it...Twilight is addictive!!)

Speaking of which, I should really go make lunch before my kitchen turns into an oven and I'm tempted to put on the air conditioner!! I think it will take a while to acclimatize...we've become chilly northern folk! lol

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful September!!