Friday, January 23, 2009

~ A Mothers Fears~ part 1

As mama's I think it is part of our job to have all manner of odd and frightening scenario play through in our minds. I remember the first time I had a frightening/morbid thought~ That somehow my daughter would fly out of the stroller while I was stopped at the curb and get hit by a car. Actually, the visual was much more disturbing then that...all the fears of a new mama packed into one horrifying thought. In all reality it isn't very likely BUT it gave me an element of caution that might not have been there otherwise. And who's to say that that caution didn't save that babe on more then one occasion? Now imagine 11 years of fears. 4 babies. 4 children. All the fears that have translated into different cautions and preparedness.

Sometimes our fears can be a catalyst for change.

One sunny day about 4 and a half years ago, while driving into town with my children, Beena asked me a question.

"What are you afraid of mommy?"

I thought about it for a long time. At that point in my life I had let go of many of my "fears" and was in what I thought to be a much more trusting/positive/faithful place.

I answered "Fear. Fear is what I fear most."

It wasn't long after that that my earth was shaken. First Honey broke her elbow. A 1 year old in a cast is a sad thing indeed! We had vehicle problems. Then we experienced some fairly major family trauma during which I heard fear, real fear, in my husbands voice for the first time. There is still lingering pain from this...I wonder if it will ever heal.

Shortly afterwards I became ill.

Now, I guess the first thing you should understand is that I have struggled with illness all of my life. As a child I seemed to catch everything. As a teen I struggled with symptoms that I didn't understand, and being in a high stress situation (living on my own/working/going to school) from way to early on surly didn't help.

After the birth of my first child my symptoms worsened. I was in pain, exhausted, far to thin. My specialists wanted me to take all kinds of drugs and I was getting 10+ viles of blood taken every few months. I refused to take the prescribed medication. I had done enough research and had enough experience to know that my body reacted horribly to their medication. I would always get nearly every reaction known and be in more misery then when I began.

I told them that I would be taking a natural approach and began an intensive vitamin therapy regime. My health improved and Dad-e-o and I decided we would be open to having another child at this point. I was told that it was very likely I would be to high risk later on in life. After Mr. Bops birth I was healthier then I had ever been. I continued to take supplements and began to eat more and more organic whole foods. We began trying for baby number 3 (which took all of about 2 weeks) and I experienced my healthiest, most vibrant pregnancy yet. Honey was born at home in a swimming pool that we had set up in our living room with no complications. I recovered quickly and felt healthier then ever.

I had healed myself. Through healthy eating, an active lifestyle, loving support and a positive outlook I had done something that I was told was impossible and I was impowered by that.

and then I got sick.

It hit me hard. My body was rocked and my mind along with it. I panicked. How could this be happening? I was healed! what is going on! I could barely move for weeks.

I was so blessed to have my hubby working across the front lawn. He would make the kids breakfast and get them dressed. He would come in on his morning break and change diapers/get snacks. He would be in making lunch and back again at his afternoon break. After work he would make supper, read stories, put kids to bed, do laundry, tidy the house. He was my savior.

I began to see a homeopath after the first few weeks. I was able to eat again the day after the first dose of my remedy. We all breathed a sigh of relief. I hadn't been able to eat for far to long and had already lost nearly 30lbs. (did I mention I was thin to begin with?)

One of the things that I struggled with the most during this time was fear. I was experiencing panic attacks and anxiety for the first time in my life. I was so desperately afraid that this was never going to end. That I would never be able to parent my children. To play with them in the sunshine or cook dinner with them. To home school them. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to clean my own house, tend my own garden. I was afraid my husband would look at me and realize he'd made a horrible mistake and leave me.

Fear had taken has a tendency to do that if we're not careful.


LexiconLuvr said...

WOW! Yours is an amazing story! And you stopped just as I was getting all hyped about it! Did you ever regain full health? How did you do it? How is the fam. now?
Oh, the torture! I suppose it's all in store for another post?
Needless to say, I'm somewhat impatient.

Thanks for popping over on the blog today. Any ANYWHERE is a good time for a heart to heart! There's few enough people willing to reach out these days that I'd settle for a bathroom stall if it meant kindness. Ok--maybe not in the potty. But just outside of it.

Actually, I have twin doodle-bops that are autistic. We've had nothing but problems with traditional schooling and are seriously considering homeschooling them. I just want what's truly best for them.

I completely identify with the "mother's fears." I'm a worrier. My kids are lucky I don't have them on leashes or tagged like animals on a wildlife preserve. And a little fear can be blown into a HUGE fear. Thank heaven there are other mommies who get it!

Sorry for the enormously long comment. Thanks again for stopping by. You're always welcome there.

Kimberly said...

Oh honey, this just gives me shivers you wrote it so well. I feel like I'm not just reading it, but witnessing it somehow. So glad you're putting this into words - you have so much to teach.

~melodious mama~ said...

Thanks guys! I promise to write part 2 in the not to distant future. Kinda fun doing the cliff hanger thing though.....mwahhaha

Homesteading said...

I second the previous comments. Having seen a little sis of mine through a story uncannily similar to yours, I can say that the bravery and strength of spirit that comes from struggles like that makes for a hellava powerful person.

sunmamma said...

Really great story!!
xo Sebrina