Sunday, January 11, 2009

~20 totally random things about me~

1. I yearn to live minimalistically....I would love to dwell in a yurt with my family with only the essentials, of course this includes instruments and art supplies.

2.I am allergic to horses, which is unfortunate as our darling Beena Loves to ride. The up side: we have discovered a breed of horse that is "hypoallergenic" so we're crossing our fingers that we can still realize our dream of horses in the pasture on our land.

3. The first time I sang in public I was 4. The song was called was rather prophetic, describing me so well.

"Wisdom, Wisdom make me strong,
Bring me joy when birds have lost their song.
Wisdom, Wisdom I love you more then gold.
All my heart will seek for you until I'm very old."

I sing this song with my children♥

4.I dream to record an album with my husband some day....there is magic in the music between us.

5.A friend once called me "the baby whisperer" and the thought made my soul sing.

6.For many years I was held captive by the fear of illness. I have been liberated from this fear which inspires me more then I can say.

7.Watching our children grow gives me more joy then I though possible.

8.I love to cry. Tears heal me and I find so much more is released then the moment seems to call for. My tears often make my hubby smile for they are rarely tears of sadness.

9.I feel blessed to have the love that I do....overflowing and ever fruitful

10. Dancing frees my soul and re-balances my mind.

11.I LOVE to cook....especially while listening to something fantastic and dancing all the while.

12. It's true, I'm a health nut.

13. I am very opinionated.

14.I am learning when to speak and when to listen.

15. I love unconditionally, with all of my being.

16.I believe that the moon cycles of a women are sacred. There is a power within the celebration of our womanhood in its completeness and I truly believe that so much of the world will change when the pain that lays within our centers is healed.

17.I love oatmeal.

18.I wonder if my dream of being a midwife will ever manifest...I wonder if I want it to

19.adoption has been a dream my whole life. Recently I have come to realize that the time is coming heart has already left on its journey across the sea.

20.I see a harp in my future.

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