Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~I am a human bassinet~

Sweetie Boy has been on me for nearly 4 days straight. Day and night. Waking ever half hour to cough and nurse. Wailing at the misery of it all.

Honey hasn't left the couch for 3 days. Her fever is running high and her cough brings tears to both our eyes.

This is when I need that extra set of arms that everyone's always talking about. One for each sweet child in need rather then only one set for the child who needs them most.

I am counting down the minutes until Dad-e-o gets home. Trying to decide whether I should go to dance tonight for a little bit of re-fueling mama time. Sweetie Boy is definitely on the upswing...and he has been nursing/napping on me for 3 hours now. Maybe he'll be alright to snuggle with Dad-e-o and read Grumpy Bird and Baby Beluga over and over. Honey will be in bed right after supper....hmmmm. But let us not forget that it's snowing, just to top it off. Maybe if it stops before dance I should take it as a sign. A mama-needs-to-get-outta-the-house-before-she-loses-her-mind sign.

Did I mention my bum is numb? oh, and you don't even want to see my kitchen. (down right disgusting)


well, Honeys fever just went up again. I switched her to Belladonna, a homeopathic remedy that seems to really grasp the picture of her illness. Crossing my fingers that it helps.

Sweetie Boy woke rather cheery and played for a few blessed minutes while I tended to Honey.

I guess there will be no dance tonight....ah well, next week.

Only minutes until Dad-e-o arrives on his valiant steed....my hero!


Anonymous said...

Dad-e-o to the rescue! Gotta love that. My hubby just walked in the door and now I am here, which tells you what kind of afternoon I've had!:)

Kimberly said...

The poor kiddos...and the poor tired you. Glad you can be for your sweet little boy what he needs, and hope you aren't stretched too thin. ~hugs~ Always just a phone call away, luv.

sunmamma said...

Poor kids and poor mom :( Belladonna works wonders on my daughter if she gets a fever.