Wednesday, January 28, 2009

seven things.......hmmm

well, I was tagged by a loverly lady over at Dreams of Quill and Ink to play the "seven things about you" game. I'm not quite sure who to tag....

Anyway, my list.

1. I'm growing my hair out. For me this is a rather big deal.....manifesting the vision of the medieval goddess with curly tress that hang below her waist. You see, every time I have a baby I get this itch to hack it off. To somehow re-claim my image by doing something funky with my hair. I have succumbed to this urge after every baby EXCEPT Sweetie Boy. My hair now hangs down below my shoulder blades!! I'm getting there, I just need to fully embrace my stubborn side and keep going. That said, I have a hair appointment on Thursday. Just a trim...some long layers....keeping it fresh and alive whilst maintaining length. I can't wait!! (I get to go by myself, which is exciting in and of itself!!)

2. Dad-e-o and I decided to tattoo our wedding rings when we were married. Because we both play music and work with our hands neither of us ever wear rings.....not to mention we thought it was a pretty fantastic way to say "Forever"!

3.I am afraid of the dark....sometimes. Not always for some reason...haven't figured that one out yet. Actually, I have but thats a post all onits own.

4. I LOVE to sew!! I am in the process of making a pair of jeans from 2 pair that I didn't like....we shall see how it all turns out. I dream of one day making clothes by the rack full and selling to inspired people who like to express themselves through what they wear.

5. I am super "crunchy"....what ever that means. All I know is that whenever I read someones description of themselves and "crunchy" is present, usually we have a lot in common. I tend to do nearly everything differently then the general population, which I find liberating. I believe it makes it easier for me to dare to do somethings that others shy away from...I've never really gone with the "flow" and so I feel no need to join the flock o-sheep.

6. I love ancient bits from other lands. things drenched in history and rich culture. I guess this is why I feel so drawn to Tribal Belly Dance......the costuming is absolutely amazing!!

7. I use cloth menstrual pads and LOVE them!! I really think that every women should give them a guilt, soft comfort, no nasty toxins to taint our sacred places.

so, now the tagging part...actually, I don't have time to, if your reading this and you feel so inspired to write your own "super 7" list then please, consider yourself tagged!


LexiconLuvr said...

"Crunchy..." I like that.

As for the flock-o-sheepies, I've always been the blot o' ink in an otherwise pristine piece of paper. The other sheep bite me.

I love ancient bits from other lands too!!! I collect them and proudly display them anywhere I have space. My sister has an AWESOME giant gold plate/dish thingy that's carved and patterned hanging from her wall. It's literally almost as tall as I am and every time I see it, I want to snatch it. We also have tiny oil lamps (the middle-eastern kind) all over the house. I just love all that old world stuff.

I was born a century or two late. =]

Kimberly said...

I love learning more about you.

I have a similar afraid of the dark sometimes and not other times thing going on as well. Hope you write that post. =)

sunmamma said...

So neat to learn about you. I must try the cloth menstrual pads!! I am using a diva cup right now but It sometimes leaks so the cloth would probably be great back up.

candibaby said...

I have a question about the cloth pads, do you buy them or do you make them? What about heavy flow days? Thanks! I love reading about your life, you write so eloquently! :D