Monday, January 4, 2010

~our life in pictures~

As I lay in bed last night I realized something. I have gotten out of the habit of taking pictures. There was a time when I aspired to be a photographer. A time when I had in my possession a smoking 35 mm camera and some snazzy lenses. A time when I created art out of the seemingly mundane.

Years past, the camera was repossessed by its original owner. We took shots with a semi-crappy 35 mm (still some amazing shots) until along came the Kodak easy share.

Now we, being the frugal folks that we are, waited until 2007 to jump on the digital camera train. And, while the picture quality left a LOT to be desired, we were pleased by the convenience of deleting unwanted pictures and the lack of $$ it cost to simply download them by the hundreds. (again, we are a touch on the frugal side)

But life being what it has been, the last few years....the last few months more correctly, have been rather neglected by my photo snapping self.

Recently my Dad lent my his super skookum Canon Rebel XTi, complete with a variety of lenses.
Have I even attempted to figure out how to use it?

Do I really, really want to?

And so I begin a challenge that I have seen on a variety of fellow bloggers pages. The 365 day challenge. 1 photo a day for 1 year. (well, as close to that as possible...I'm still on the "be gentle with yourself" bent...taking it easy)

Granted that we are already a few days into January....(I don't actually know the date...just a sec).........
4 days to be exact.

So I will begin with an offering of 4 recently taken photos (taken on the Kodak easy share z612) and the ambition to capture as many images as possible over the next while. (on the snazzy Canon Rebel XTi) Luckily I have some wonderful subjects!

Alden and his new doll (made by mama) Akimbo

Willow and Noah

Noah, rocking the kit

Eden, gingerbread sculptor

anyone else into have a challenge on the go??


L.T. Elliot said...

Beautiful pictures!

Kimberly said...

Oh how this post made me miss you all!