Thursday, June 18, 2009

~re-entering the bloggosphere~

And so it begins again. I'm BACK!!!!!!

My hiatus has been rejuvenating in so many ways. I have spent more time with my kiddies reading, playing and exploring, wrapped up another awesome year of homeschooling (although, really we don't ever stop learning☻), recovered from the craziness of renovating this house and remembered what it's like to have a wee bit of that illusive thing known as time. I have spent time with amazing friends, planted my beautiful garden, read many blogs that have inspired and moved me...sometimes as a lurker:), spent time sewing...those curtains and muslin I've been holding onto forever became this......

...super fun belly dance costume with a big bustle skirt and bloomers! We have spent many hours talking about our future and have decided to move back to this little hamlet of awesomeness a place of summer sun and many beautiful friends. Dad-E-o has wonderful work and we get to have access to things that have been unavailable to us for the last 4+ years(like a pool, arts, culture and oddles of home learners to hang with)

I am excited to be beginning my Birthing from Within mentor-ship training and can't wait to begin mentoring Childbirth Preparation classes with my dear friend T!
I feel inspired and excited about life in general and am learning how to be patient in a whole new way (and here I thought I had the patience thing down..hA!)
((sigh)) it has been an eventful 6 months! I am excited to be back! To share the tidbits that float around my mind with you and to take part in the beautiful exchange of connectedness that can magically occur through this crazy piece of technology.



Kimberly said...

Never has one single blog post brought me such joy! So glad you're back!

courtney rose said...

I am SO excited by this come back. SO EXCITED. You are an incredible, soulful, compassionate, kind, thoughtful woman. I look forward to getting to know you and yours more and more through this blog of yours.

AND HOW GORGEOUS ARE YOU?! Holy moly. New goal: look like Melodious. First problem with new goal: just got hair cut from really long to somewhat medium. I miss my gypsy look already.

~melodious mama~ said...

((blush))'re super sweet!!

funny..I've been trying to grow my hair for a decade but for some reason every time I have a baby I hack it all off...(WHY????) maybe its having all my focus centered on one thing and then feeling the need to focus on me just a lil' bit...except that then I have to start off at square 1, again!! so this time 'round I was determined and I am glad to say that Noah is 2 3/4 and I still have my locks!! yay!! now if only I can make it a little longer I might actually be able to manifest that Arthurian legend Moragna look.

(hope the baking is going well...cherries soon...pie sounds like a good idea!)

L.T. Elliot said...

Hooray! You're back! I've missed you terribly! I'm so happy for you for all the wonderful rejuvenating things you've experienced but I'm very selfishly glad to see you back again! (And boy! Do you look HOT in that belly dancer suit! Way to rock it, Jenn!)
Welcome back, welcome back! You have been missed terribly!

Malia'sMama said...

Hey, you and Mal can play dress-up together! :) Lovely!

sunmamma said...

Nice that you're back!!! I love birthing from within!!! I read that book religiously when I had my second and their sons at home!

Thanks for becoming a fan of my facebook page ;-)