Saturday, May 22, 2010


I am blissful on multiple levels.  

I feel happy and content

And the excitement?  Don't even get me started or I swear I might just blast off into orbit!  Cheesy I know but its SO true.

You see, as soon as we arrived, literally the moment we pulled into our new town something shifted.  It might be fair to say that it began shifting as soon as we made the choice to come here, but I could actually FEEL it happening when we arrived.  

It was like the planets came into alignment.  Some huge cosmic shift occurred that created this perfect moment.  The moment that whispered into my soul and said "guess babies will be home soon!"

I've mentioned many times that there have been a few contributing factors to the fact that we have yet to begin our adoption in actual reality.  Paper work I mean.  

One of those factors was the fact that we have felt unsettled.  We knew that there was a move on the horizon we just didn't know when , or how (or that there were actually 2 moves!)  

To me settling is the beginning of a domino effect.  The one thing that needed to happen before all of the other pieces could fall into place.  Well, let me tell you, they are falling now!  
I want to sing it from the mountain top.  Harmonize with my echo so that the world can know just how deeply beautiful a thing this is for me.  I'm spouting happy tears all the time, watering this garden in the spring time of change.

We found a home.  Oddly we decided to rent. I was not expecting this, thought that buying would make me feel more settled but, apparently not.  A big part of this is realizing that if we buy we will jump back into a huge renovation project (this is the land of 100 year old houses that need a lot of work) which will suck up all our funds for the next hundred years...dangling our adoption even more out of reach.  I think that Adam is beginning to fully understand that I can't handle waiting that much longer...I think I might loose my marbles if another year goes by before we begin the paper chase.  He even suggested today that we hold a fundraiser garage sale once we move in!  A in, for our adoption!!!  And he agreed that we can start our home study so that its done when we're ready!!  seriously!!!!!!!!!!  If only the computer had something other then an exclamation mark...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, lol

This very happy mama is feeling abundantly grateful.


Rebecca said...

soooooo lovely and exciting. thinking of you and missing you!

Casey Hunt said...

This makes me so happy for you! The paperwork is a bit intimidating at first, so the earlier you jump on it the better...and that feeling that you are REALLY starting the process makes you feel so excited and inspired!! I look forward to reading all about your process and journey. How exciting!!

The Busters said...

I love the way you write. I can sense your inner peace and it makes me want to hang out with you. Hopefully you don't think I am weird. :) So excited that guys are getting ready to start the paperchase. I'm eager to follow along.

kristine said...

I too sense that inner peace. Lovely to read. So happy you feel grounded. I think renting is so very smart, especially if it saves you from going through a renovation! And as long as your home study is done you'll be ready to move quickly should you want to.

It took us years to find our 'place.' Once we were here everything shifted. Things still took awhile, but somehow my heart could handle it because, exactly as you say, i knew our youngest would be coming here. That's big.

Congrats! So happy to hear that life is moving in the direction of your dreams.

Claudia said...

yay! Great news!!!

shannon said...

Soooooo exciting
I actually loved chasing each piece of paper made me feel each little step closer to my child.
Have a great time on this next step in your journey.

courtney rose said...

Beautiful, blissful, contentment....

candibaby said...

Glad to hear you found a place! And also great news about the adoption stuff!

candibaby said...

Glad to hear you found a place! :D Wonderful news about the adoption stuff!

Kimberly said...

Reading this gladdened my heart on so many levels! I was looking online at houses in Nelson today because I was missing you.

I fell in love with one, funnily enough. Fun to dream, sweet Jenn, fun to dream.

ChristyG said...

Aaaahhh, I feel happy and grateful, too, just reading this post! Your blog has that magical effect, it seems. Your new life in Nelson sounds wonderful! xo