Friday, April 16, 2010

~because everyone needs a *pout* post~

Today I pack the kitchen. Actually we pack the kitchen...thankfully my kids are all over the packing thing. This is a VERY good thing because right now I feel like there is so much "work" happening and so much burnt out mama (with daddy already in our new town) that there are few moments when they can really get into engaged in the moment rather then doing chores or being sent outside so that they don't destroy the house....which they do of course, even though the house is nearly empty. how? ((sigh)) We did go to town the other day (Thanks Heidi!) and get a bunch of art supplies, so we have been art-ing it up....getting out all our stuff...yay water colours!

I am thanking Heidi because she is amazing. You see, our Rav4 broke down...blow engine and all, and so I have been here with no vehicle, my suburban in Mountain Home with hubby, for 2 weeks. (we live 20 minutes from town...) Heidi and her fab hubby lent me their van this week. I LOVE that van. I LOVE Heidi and her man for coming to my rescue...being my full on knight in shinning blue armour. I can't even express it...really...speachless.

Did I mention moving is really challenging?? I'm sure you all know that but I thought I would re-iterate. MOVING.SUCKS.

Even this the place we've always wanted to live. To a place where we can settle and hunker down and just be for the next 50 years or so. even still moving is hard.

Around here it seems that the kids are taking turns having melt downs. Eden sobbing..although she can't seem to name why. Willow sobbing because she wants her care bear, which happens to be already in the storage unit in Mountain Home. Alden getting all bent out of shape because he can't swim the lake I mean, because, apparently in his mind its warm enough. And then there's Noah, who is sweet as a peach...except when he's yelling or sobbing for any and all reason...thrown off because daddy's not her (for the first time ever) and because our house is nearly empty. you should have seen those big rolling tears when we packed up his bed. So sad. even though he doesn't sleep in said bed, even though he rarely ever even plays on said bed. Big tears. ((sigh)) And me?? well, all it took was my husbands voice to set the tears free yesterday.

"I hate this" I say
he's smiling, I can hear it through the phone.

"Yes," he says. "buts its so beautiful here Jenn. I walk down the street and everyone is smiling at each other...beautiful!"

"buts this is so hard" I choke *sniff*

"I'll be home tomorrow. And in 1 week we'll be here. you'll love it Jenn, it gets better everyday!"


"I know"


a part of me is feeling like this is really unfair! wants to pout like a spoiled three year old. He's there, staying in a nice hostel, working, eating meals I cooked for him last week, skyping us and then watching movies, walking around the super cool town seeing all the super cool stuff thats happening. Working at a job he loves with people he really likes. (alone, which sucks. alone sucks too...must remember that)

I'm here, packing the house. taking care of the kiddos, cleaning, cooking, cleaning, packing, cleaning, trying to be a parent who still remembers how to parent (aka speaking not yelling).

yes...this is my pout post. my bottom lip out, forehead creased in displeasure post. If there was a "stomp foot" button I would use it. over and over.

I am REALLY looking forward to being "home". Did I mention we still haven't found a house?? And yet we are moving 'cause we're crazy like that and apparently moving 4 hours away while home schooling 4 kids isn't adventurous enough for us! *twitch* *twitch*

but hey, it sunny. thank you universe for the sunshine!!! I think I might be a big puddle of mush if it were cloudy too.

I'm needing some of ^this^ right now!


Rebecca said...

lovely. you are lovely even whilst pouting or really just venting. i know it will be worth it ... but moving is absolutely the worst. well, not the actual new destination part but the packing. ugh.
definitely think you should have the kids make box forts. or send them out with cameras with categories in mind to see who can get funny pictures, nature pictures, artsy pictures, etc.
wish i could help.

Kimberly said...

I missed so much of your last move and I wish I was there to help with this one.

Pout away Jenn. It's hard and exhausting work. The physical and the emotional both. It's WORTH pouting about.

I'm so glad it will be of such duration. That "home" is so near for you.

L.T. Elliot said...

I'm sorry, Jenn. I know moving sucks and I don't blame you for feeling down. I'm not myself when my hubby is away and my kids aren't either. And moving, whether a joyful move or not, is hard on the heart.

My heart is with yours and your family. God bless.

kristine said...

Moving IS horrible!!!
Hang in there - sorry that's such an overused phrase.
I can't wait to hear about your adventures in your new home!

daniela said...

you sound much like i did while we were moving...its sooooo stressful!!! but once you are in & settled...BLISS!!! hang in there sis

courtney rose said...

Packing. YUCK. Packing without your best friend? TRIPLE YUCK.

I send you packing fairies to magically finish the job- or at least give you the extra oomph to complete the job and help your kiddos find peace while you do it!

Much love....

Mark and Heidi said...

Packing sucks, moving sucks and being apart from your hubby really super sucks! Hugs to you. Looking forward to hearing more about your new home!

ChristyG said...

Oh my goodness, Jenn, you are so entitled to pout. Pouting and venting can be so cathartic, can't it? And so can wonderfully authentic and honest posts like this one. You are amazing and a total Wonder Woman!