Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~Wordless Wednesday~ (okay...not wordless...but I like the title!)

Some of the amazing women that I am so blessed to have in my life

My dear friend Kim and I

Trish, me, Shayna and Danelle

Anna, Kerri and I...some of my fab fellow belly dancers

My dear friend Arwen and I.

Sweet Candace and I...

Courtenay and I

(okay, I promis to do a real post soon...with words and everything! For now, amidst the chaos, I can offer you a glimps of some sweet farewells. Moving is....moving.)


Kimberly said...

Moving is moving...I love the double entendre there. And simply LOVED last night. What a fab time. My cheeks are still sore from laughing. Love you!

Rebecca said...

Radiant Jenn-
What a lovely group of friends. I envy that as my ladies are scattered all over the place right now. Talk to you soon.